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This profile is one that I hope to work with on every project. I wish I were this profile myself, but unfortunately I don’t possess all of these wonderful traits. 🙂

The “Great Guy/Gal”

Definition: You know this guy/gal almost immediately. This person makes everyone smile, puts any situation at ease, and while also getting their work done on time and on budget. In essence, they are one of the perfect consultants.

% of consultants that exhibit this trait: ~1 in every 300 (or at least in my estimation)

Detailed definition: This type of consultant possesses all of the great characteristics that you are looking for in both: 1) an honest worker and 2) a great friend. They are honest, ethical, hard-working, and have a good passion for the job. In addition, you trust them completely. You can have both work and off-topic conversations with them – they are so easy going. I have found, however, that these folks are generally not in leadership positions. They are usually “doers” with great people skills.

Fortunately, I have met 2 people like this. They were both young guys who were new to consulting.

Example 1: The first Great Guy was a very young kid who came to consulting straight from college. He had an enormous appetite for all things technical. In the truest sense of the word, he was a nerd…but he was also very cool (a “geek”?). In his spare time, he DJ’ed – he had an entire suite of electronica music that he would demo for us, which easily upped his coolness factor. He always had a smile on his face, was eager to learn, and seemed to just enjoy life. He often went out with us (older) team members after work for dinner or fun, and he was a barrel of laughs. He was always doing crazy (but nice) things for our team.

But what I liked most about him was his small ego – he didn’t let the little things get to him. He also didn’t get caught up in office politics or gossip. I often looked at him and thought “This kid is going places.” I still keep this person in my LinkedIn contacts list – he is at another firm, kicking butt and taking names.

Example 2: The second Great Guy I’ve come to known was also new to consulting. He was only a couple of years out of college. This guy possessed many similar traits as Great Guy #1. He was fun, easy-going, had a small ego, and didn’t get caught up in the little things that “stir the pot”. The cool thing about this kid was that he had a great designer’s eye, in addition to picking up technology quickly. His layouts were so fabulous – the sales team loved to have him create demos for them, as the clients gravitated to his stuff.

Why would a consultant behave in such a manner?

If you’re lucky, you’ll meet a consultant like this at least once in your lifetime. And the funny thing is, due to the lack of ego – they don’t even know how superb and special they are. They just know they have a lot of friends in the firm.

How do you know when a consultant is a Great Guy/Gal?

After the first day with them, you’ll think “I like this person!” and you look forward to working with them everyday.

What can one do about Great Guy/Gal?



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