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Recently I went on a couple of international trips, one for business and one for pleasure. I can now add “world traveler” to my profile. 🙂

What was most surprising to me about these trips was the renewed respect they helped me gain for my career. Although my career could function without travel (and I have downright loathed the travel aspect of it at times), I now realize that I could not function without it. Travel has been my constant companion – the backdrop character in my life. It has opened numerous doors for me and my family. After 11 years of navigating the many planes, trains, and automobiles, I now have learned to accept travel…and I can even venture to say that it brings a smile to my face.

While watching a podcast called “The Best of YouTube” during my journey this morning, I came across a wonderful video that I must share with you all. It is called “The Happiest DJ in the World” and has brought me much laughter. I share it with you in hopes that it reminds you of the passion and joy your career brings you. May we all strive to be this happy doing what we do best and enjoy our jobs to the fullest!

-The Traveling Consultant


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